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Bridge Courses for Computer Engineering , BCA and MCA Students

Objective of this Program is to empower the Computer Graduates and Engineering Students in India with knowledge in latest technologies.

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About this Program

In the current scenario, there is a gap between what is taught in Colleges/Universities in India and the skill required in the industry for jobs. After the Graduation, Students need to Pay hefty Amount in a Private Computer Institute to learn these latest technologies which can prepare them for employment. But it is not affordable for all Students. Solertia is targeting to support the Students with minimum cost to run the platform and enable the students to learn multiple video basesd courses in latest technologies.

Below are the list of 25 Courses as a part of this Program


1.Oracle PL/SQL
2.UI Path tutorials - Robotic Process Automation
3.Introduction to DevOps
4.How to create websites with Python and Flask
5.Introduction to Business Analytics
6.SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Basics
7.Cryptocurrency Engineering and Design
8.Cloud Computing
9.Introduction to Block Chain
10.Introduction to Cloud Computing & Data Engineering
11.Advanced Google Analytics
12.Fundamentals of DevOps - Now anyone can understand what is DevOps!
13.Mobile App Analytics
14.Getting Started with Google Analytics for Firebase
15.Getting Started with Google Analytics for Power Users
16.Google Analytics - Measure Matters
17.Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
18.Data Science and Analytics
19.Data Science Makeovers
20.Digital Marketing Hacks and Tips
21.Java Development
22.Kubernetes - Advanced
23.Linux Administration 
24.SAP LSM Workbench
25.Google Analytics Developers


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 Self-paced program
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Introduction to latest technologies