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"Solertia – Training Centre for Latest Technologies" unit is 100% owned by Solertia which is into 'Handcrafted Creations'. Solertia was founded by Mrs. Tresa Tony during the year 2015 for the development of handcrafted creations. Prior to that she was working as a Professor in the field of Genetics in Bangalore for 11 years.

Her passion in the field of education of the youth has inspired her to start a training Centre to empower the youth of our Nation with the latest skills/technologies to cater to the needs of the present industrial requirements Our team comprises of highly experienced professionals from IT Industry.

Our Missions

Our mission is to empower the youth from poor and middle class families with the latest technologies which are having demand in the IT Job Market so that our young generation of the country will have a better quality of life and they will be in a position to help the needy people of our Society.

Recent times, a lot of young entrepreneurs are emerging in our country. Especially in IT Sector, there is a new trend to become freelancers in the latest technologies like Android Programming, Cloud Computing and earn good revenue. These entrepreneurs are creating new jobs for young people which will be acting as a catalyst for our country’s economic growth.

Solertia is thankful to Aby Joy , Naren Babu , Guruprasad Ammisetty , Madhu Palle Reddy, Biju Jacob for their sincere support and guidance in the process of laying our foundation of the Institute. May God bless all of us for this noble initiative to become a success.

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